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Self-Love Coconut Candle
Self-Love Coconut Candle
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Self-Love Coconut Candle

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My heart is open to cultivating a deep and meaningful connection with my own beautiful energy.

The coconut represents fertility, life and abundance. In many cultures, it is called the "Tree of Life" bearing fruit that is both physically and spiritually healing. This candle is meant to be used during self-love care rituals to enhance the intention of opening your heart to your own magnificence. This candle was made to be used during rituals and is not to be left unattended. 


Time to full melt pool: 1 hour

Scent Strength: 10/10

Burn Time: SMALL: 10-15 hours, MEDIUM: 15-20 hours, LARGE: 20-25 hours

Intention: to open your heart to your own essence

Crystals: strawberry quartz

Herbs: homegrown rose petals

Scent: Strawberry Coconut

What’s Inside?

Strawberry Rose Quartz: This gorgeous stone is known for revealing pathways that were not previously clear to you. In the journey of self-love, we often have an idea of the path we are "supposed" to take. I included this incredible creation of nature to inspire energy around you that encourages you to be open to alternate ways of being and offers you solutions to problems you may not have seen before. It is said to lift depression and insight laughter all while helping you to harness the love that the universe has for you. My hope is that you can take the adoration all around you and turn it inward. 

Rose Petals: Roses are quintessentially flowers associated with love but they're a part of this candle because to me, they represent bravery and courage. The rose blooms against all odds- the wind, rain, weather, humans, animals, cars etc. Not only does it bloom but it blooms brightly and unapologetically. I chose Red roses specifically because of the power in the color red. My intention is that this beautiful flower inspires you to bloom bravely, in any way you choose and against all odds. 

Coconut Vessel: Coconuts are known in many cultures as being the fruit of life. They symbolize the ego, abundance, fertility and all things about our physical existence. They remind us that we are cradled on this earth, that we come from it and will go back to it. The Coconut represents the cyclical nature of life and the interconnectedness of energy. Time you spend loving and healing yourself is time spent loving and healing the world. 

Each coconut is 100% all natural from Hawaii, USA. Please note that each one will vary in shape and texture. Handmade in Tempe, Arizonan with love and light. No animal testing, cruelty free. 100% Vegan 

*Our soy wax used in our Millennial Medium Candles contain no GMO material, NO paraffin, NO unnatural additives and are Kosher certified.