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Good Vibes Only Tealights

Good Vibes Only Tealights

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- Set of six tealights - 

Sometimes, Good Vibes are all you need. Everything in the known Universe vibrates at a specific frequency. This design was created to give you a little boost when you're seeking to raise that vibration! Jasmine and Rose are the highest frequency scents out there and one whiff will have you floating on all the good vibes, baby!

A mini-dose of our Good Vibes Only candle. Scented with Jasmine and Rose, the highest vibrating scents known to man. Raise your frequency with a little dose of Good Vibes.A signature candle inspired by The High Priestess, the second card in the Tarot deck. These tealights are infused with Jasmine and Rose essential oils and topped with Rosebuds and Jasmine flowers.

.5oz (6)

Burn Time: 4-6 hours per tealight

Intention: Raise your vibration

Crystals : None

Herbs: Jasmine and Rose

Scent: Jasmine/Rose