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Meet The Team

Kait Russell
Kait Russell
The Millennial Medium | Candle Creator | CEO
Loves working long hours. Runs on coffee and sarcasm. 
Favorite Tarot Card: Queen of Wands

Hamilton the Dog
Human Resources | Customer Support
Hates working long hours. Loves burning incense.
Favorite Tarot Card: The Fool
Lauren McKay
Lauren McKay
Podcast Host | Print Artist
TikTok famous. Aquarius Moon. White Claw connoisseur.
Favorite Tarot Card: 6 of Cups

"Oh, God. They're everywhere"

This is what I exclaimed as Lauren and I walked into a pizza parlor one day for lunch. There were dead people. Everywhere. I had woken up a few days prior seeing things I thought were strange. Scratch that. Seeing things I knew were strange. The first was a dog who I knew had passed about a year earlier. I could see her, running around my feet, lively and energetic just as she had been in her life. It took a few years, lots of tears and endless support from the people who love me to figure out that, well, I see dead people. And hey, that's okay, right? We're all different. I've learned a lot during my interactions with what I now very lovingly call, "Spirit". I've learned that energy doesn't "die". Whatever it is that makes our bodies move, breathe, dance, laugh, cry and live- it goes on. It goes on to be with the people and things that made it happiest while it was here. Connections are not severed by death. Animals stay with us in spirit after they pass. In the Spirit world, you can think about a place and be there. The list goes on and on. I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey, however big or small. You are a divine being of this vast Universe and you are wildly loved. Don't you forget it.