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The Right Way To Burn a Candle: 8 Tips and Tricks

I won't lie to you. I've spent hundreds of hours in my kitchen testing waxes, wicks, tins, jars and oils attempting to get the best combination. My wish is for you to get the utmost out of your candle so here are some tips and tricks to help you keep your candle in the best shape of it's life, yo. 


1. In the candle world, there's a rule: EDIT: 1/1/2021 After burn-testing over 100 candles, we are starting to feel like this rule isn't hard and fast. One of our 8oz "Hello Gourd-geous" tins can fill an entire kitchen. In keeping with wanting to educate, though, we will leave this section in because it is a "fact" many company's promote. In the candle world, there's a rule:  8 oz for every 10sq feet. If you're burning a candle like one of our 8oz tins in an open concept room that's 50 square feet, the scent probably won't knock you on your feet (unless it's our good vibes candle!). So, the rule is 8oz of candle per 10 square feet of room. Pretty easy, huh? This will help you to manage your scent throws and get the most bang for your buck. 

2. "Noseblind" is a term that's thrown around a LOT in the world of fragrance. The human nose can go "noseblind" in about fifteen minutes. While not a permanent malady, this can be concerning when you've just paid for a candle you love the scent of. Circumvent this by placing different scents in different rooms so you don't get too overwhelmed with just one. (Pro tip: smelling the inside crook of your elbow can reset your olfactory senses!

3. Minimize airflow. Fans, open windows and air conditioning can all put a damper on your scent throw. When lighting your candles, if you are cognizant of where the air is flowing to and from and you can maximize that amazing scent! 

4. Be aware of the wax. There are two main types of waxes: vegetable and mineral. Vegetable wax is a bit more eco-friendly than mineral wax but mineral wax occasionally lasts longer. Choose whichever wax works best for you. 

5. Let a full melt pool form. This can be tricky (especially if you lack patience like I do!). The first time you light your candle, anticipate letting it burn for three to four full hours. This will ensure you get a proper melt pool and avoid tunneling. Tunneling occurs when the wax starts to sink lower around the wick but stays high on the sides, creating a tunnel. 

6. Keep your wick trimmed at all times. Wicks may need to be re-trimmed after four hours of burning. 1/4 of an inch is the perfect length for your MM Candle. 

7. Extinguish your flame with an candle snuffer or the lid of your candle instead of blowing it out. This ensures the jar burns cleanly and that there is no excess smoke during the extinguishing process. 

8. Light your candle with intention. This is the most important (duh). It's like making a birthday wish. Get really clear on the energy you want your candle to help you manifest and get to lighting! 


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